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Nosebonk creates skate art prints
& crafts
designed by skateboarders Stickers • prints • shirts • decks

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Nosebonk artwork

Skateboarding ollie over child trolley, fine illustration art print of local skatepark

Custom poster design

Ollie over child tribute to "Sean Sheffey" based on a photo of myself at the local skatepark.

Home decor, framed skateboarding poster of a skater pushing back to the city during times of covid19

Skateboarding prints

"Nosebonk is the personal playground & brand of Erik Ziegler, a place to explore skateboarding culture from different perspectives mixing art, illustration & design."

Skater pushing the streets represented in mixed Swiss Style/Bauhaus graphic style

Otl Aicher skates bauhaus

Illustration mixing similar historical graphic design styles (Swiss Style & Bauhaus).



“Nosebonk represents a perfect moment
in skateboarding when motion, timing, sound & concrete meet at the same space in time.”

Skateboarding illustration posters, illustrating skateboarding tricks in a vibrant simple style

Bend & Style prints

Skate tricks bend our bodies in the most beautiful ways. This soft line drawing is and attempt to picture those great moments when we get a Yeahhh! for a stylish one.

skateboarding, snowboarding and surging posters hanging on a wall, push, dropin, enjoy riding

Ride all day surf, snowboard, skate

Illustration set showing a great moment of fun and joy for riders of any kind, no matter what you ride. Ride all of them.

"Its all about

freedom & friends."

Antonio riding into the Endless Summer

Surfer , skater, movie director

Remaking the classic movie poster mixing surf, skateteboarding and Antonio Díaz Huerta, friend, local skate homie and movie director behind the awarded surf documentary Gallo.

Ollie North from the North

Balbi, great skater, homie & friend from my skate childhood and early beginnings skating in the Basque Country.

Skateboarding brands & Stickers

Design and illustration repository exploring skateboarding concepts

360 flip, skate trick done by No- Face inspired by Ghiblis, Chihiro animation movie

Ghibli, No-Face skates 360º flip

Skate illustration, inspired by Jim Phillips  "Screaming hand" and Rob Roskopp

Go skate or go mad

Skate sticker of an elephant doing an invert trick

Skateboarding circus

Skater kid with cap hearing his skateboarding inner voice

Skate or die inner demon


Skateboarding Test Dummy doing a no comply over a curb

“Escape to skate, skate to escape”


Sticker of a skater dog with a slappy shape

Slappy, the grind dog