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Skateboarding ollie over child trolley, fine illustration art print of local skatepark

Custom poster design 

Ollie over child tribute to "Sean Sheffey" based on a photo of myself at the local skatepark.

Home decor, framed skateboarding poster of a skater pushing back to the city during times of covid19

Skateboarding prints

"Nosebonk is the personal playground & brand of Erik Ziegler, a place to explore skateboarding culture from different perspectives mixing art, illustration & design."

Skater pushing the streets represented in mixed Swiss Style/Bauhaus graphic style

Otl Aicher skates bauhaus

Illustration mixing similar historical graphic design styles (Swiss Style & Bauhaus).

Framework Skateboards: Tribute to the SF Bay Area and the indelible legacy it has left on the history of skateboarding, available online at

Skateboarding illustration posters, illustrating skateboarding tricks in a vibrant simple style
Skateboarding illustration

Framework Skateboards time stamps: Apollo 11 1969 & Wright Brothers 1903 decks, available online at

skateboarding, snowboarding and surging posters hanging on a wall, push, dropin, enjoy riding