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About Nosebonk Skateboarding

Nosebonk is the personal Skateboarding graphics playground of Erik Ziegler, retired designer & tired skateboarder, a personal project named by my favourite skate trick when I was a kid, the “Nosebonk”.

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¿Why Nosebonk skateboarding?

Im starting this at the age of 45
to get back to graphic design and and stay connected to skateboarding.

  1. Creating Skateboarding graphics

  2. Contributing to skate culture

  3. Working with and for skaters

A few lines dedicated to all skate rats, the ones who stopped, the ones to start.

We grew up skateboarding, enjoying the sound of the cities while other told us to stop skateboarding and go home.

Some got sons to be told again by grey humans to stop skateboarding grow up and do sports.

Many stopped years for work to get back later as old skate rats out of skateparks and concrete holes.

Getting older, our backs told us no way, we smiled going skateboarding again, again and once more, seeking the sound of maple skate decks, handrails, slappies, grinds and broken bones.

Thousands of skateboarding memories, made of concrete dreams in every texture, corner, in every skate spot.

We smile while dying, dreaming of endless rails, ramps, tricks, flips, slides, curbs, knowing every first try, every push, every bail, every texture sound and broken bone was it worth.