Skateboarding is a never ending-obsession, your inner demon trying to push your mind to skate more and more.

This visual concept shows how
I felt as a kid, always driven by something stronger than myself.

A nervous Itching inside my bones to run out to the streets and skate as crazy. This is how you start skateboarding, a decision for a living. Do you remember when you watched as kid a Skate VHS with some friends, Powell-Peralta “Ban this” or H-street “Shackle me not“? Immediately after watching it you went to the streets as horde of orcs empowered to grind and achieve anything you wanted.

I guess all my youth friends had and still have a strange itching inside them making them go skateboarding after thirty, 45, 50 or even 80!

Hopefully we never stop to listen to our inner skateboarding voice. Skate or die, my friends!


Skateboarding projects

Helping NGOs, Skate for good & DIY skatepark initiatives

Collabs Mixing skate & Design

Erik Ziegler, skateboarder and designer behind Nosebonk Skateboarding

Erik Ziegler
45+ Skateboarder, Designer

Im starting this at the age of 45, getting back to graphic design through skateboarding