“Escape to skate,

— skate to escape”

This words probably trigger immediately in your mind another classic surfing quote “Life to Ride, ride to live”.

I grew up in an environment and culture full of this kind of messages thanks to a family surrounded by a surfing culture and later on a skateboarding one. A family setup surrounded by a heavy industrial context in the Basque city of Bilbao. Surfing, skateboarding and Iron have always been a great memory of my childhood.

My cousin Ivan Ziegler was the one starting all of this, being a shaper in the 80´s running “Pinky”, his own surf brand in our basement, he was the one showing us the way to go. My brother Axel Ziegler opened a kitesurfing school in Germany, myself I quit skateboarding way to soon to come back a couple of years ago, now at the age of 45 im paying my skateboarding debt back running this blog and design exercise.

Nevertheless, skateboarding has always been freedom made tangible, an anarchic vehicle to escape reality letting everything behind you while pushing & playing around with the shapes of the city. Pushing and crashing like free test dummies against concrete, breaking and trying again and again. Luckily enough im not working as a crash test dummy for now but still need to escape the modern workforce in a desperate way. Thanks skateboarding for helping me with that.


Skateboarding projects

Helping NGOs, Skate for good & DIY skatepark initiatives

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Erik Ziegler, skateboarder and designer behind Nosebonk Skateboarding

Erik Ziegler
45+ Skateboarder, Designer

Im starting this at the age of 45, getting back to graphic design through skateboarding